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Simulator // 
A new dance study program for contemporary dancers

The 'Simulator' presents a new learning format which combines workshops and classes together with participating in a professional creation process.

During 2 days a week for 6 months, a pre-selected group (up to 15 people) will work and learn in an enriched and supportive learning environment which will develop the participant's dance/performance skills.

During the first part of the program (first 3 months) the group will learn and experience different kind of technics and dance/performance approaches. The second part of the program (next 3 months) will include a creation process led by a professional choreographer, which will eventually be presented on a professional stage. 

The 'Simulator' is intended for experienced dancers who are looking to widen their range of possibilities as performers. The variable teaching staff includes active choreographers and experienced mentors within the contemporary dance field.

'Simulator' 3# teaching staff:
Sigal Zouk (performance), Emanuella Amichai  (.....), Luc Jacobs (body class), May Zarhi (dance news),  Sharon Zuckerman Weiser (simulation of a creation process).

In order to formulate a group, please send us a short and relevant biography. 
An open introductory meeting, explaining the program in depth, will take place during December.

March-July 2016. Sundays (9:30-15:00) Mondays (17:00-22:30) Zigota Studio (46 'Salame' Street, Tel-Aviv).
Starting March 6th.

For further information write us: hasimulator@gmail.com